• How to make crystal nails
  • Magic mirror pink nail, let you minutes get Parisian high fashion sense!
  • How is nail polish used
    • Name: LS-75 Holographic pigment

    • Name: YB series neon colors mixed butterflies sequins

    • Name: MCB series mirror chrome powder

    • Name: CH series solid fairy aurora pigment

    • Name: BJ series solid holographic pigment

    • Name: B8 series solid chameleon pigment

    • Name: 5DTA Crystal cat eye pigment

    • Name: 5D series cat eye pigment

    • Name: HG series butterflies sequins

    • Name: HG01 series neon butterflies sequins

    • Name: DA series holographic chunky glitter

    • Name: HB00A series mermaid butterflies sequins

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