• 1 1. A surface grinding First of all, at a relatively coarse grinding rods, will the nail surface ground. Can increase the adhesion of crystal powder. (this is a real crystal nails, a necessary step, if this time is to use finger to trainers. Can skip this step.) 

    • Magic mirror powder has a mirror-like effect, colorful and gorgeous metallic luster. Mirror pink nail art has also been popular with fashionistas. I have to say that the nail polish and magic mirror is cool enough to open the street properly.

    • Steps: 1. Apply a layer of calcium to your nails. 2. Apply a layer of bright nail oil. 3. Then apply a light-colored coat of nail oil to your fingertips. 4. When the nail oil is not dry, apply the brightening powder with the eye shadow brush and then light the pen with the index finger to let the brightening powder fa

    • For hand remnants, in addition to the eyeliner is difficult, but with a nail polish are really trouble. But there's a piece of magic that you have to try out these days! How can god see the demoApply a transparent polish to your fingers. When dry, put your finger into the nail powder, then take it out and shake it