How to make crystal nails


  1. 1
    1. A surface grinding 
    First of all, at a relatively coarse grinding rods, will the nail surface ground. Can increase the adhesion of crystal powder. (this is a real crystal nails, a necessary step, if this time is to use finger to trainers. Can skip this step.) 

  2. 2
    2. The sticker film 
    Square refers to die off a piece, will paste on the fingers, remember that die on nails at the bottom of the grooves, refers to mold both side also slightly let paste below. But below the surface to keep the curve of the arc, or refers to the curve of the die will affect later made of crystal nail radian. (if the finger radian is bad, you can also use scissors tries to use die cut above) 

  3. 3
    3. Use ph balance moisture-proof agent 
    Dip a small amount of ph balance moisture-proof agent, point on the nail that need to make crystal fingernail, wait for the next step after impetuous. 

  4. 4
    4. Use the enamel powder fixator 
    Apply a very small amount of enamel powder to the nail on the nail on the nail. (because of the strong chemical, avoid the finger and other skin parts.) 

  5. 5
    5. Prepare powder 
    Pour crystal powder 4 into glass solution glass, set aside. Brush nail brush with a small amount of solvent. (too much can be filtered in cup or solvent drop.) prepare to dip into crystal powder. 

  6. 6
    6. With powder 
    Brush with a moderate humidity, and practice the Angle of the brush to control the amount of powder.